Saturday, January 17, 2009


When we creep on the floor,
I love you ever more,
Eyes shut darkness comes,
anti-werewolf has to run.

To flee the vampire woman,
To flee the vampire woman,

So I ran out her door,
blood was fresh on the floor,
She tried to posses me,
I'd rather remain free,

To flee the vampire woman,
To flee the vampire woman,
I gotta go even though your good lookin,
I gotta leave.

Fear is in my blood,
It drains all the love,
the anti-warewolf syndrome,
Free I once was,

To be me, me, just me,
Now I got you in side of me,
and its hard...
real hard to feel free,

The battle exists lets face it,
The battle exists two faces,
Always happy then sad,
I'm tired

So I sleep real deep,
Real deep I sleep

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Earth Song

There is nothing we need so we're fine,
It takes a lifetime to travel your mind,
So the sooner you start then the sooner you find,
That society rests in your mind,

Go free yourself from the fare,
Your body is bleeding from polluted air,
just trust me you'll find yourself,
In self-incluion your name is a ghost,

There is a war being waged,
through fear and uncertainty,
seek self-truth,
there is no other way,

We need you back here on Earth,
You were in your head your while your soul bled,
But there is still room for you here,
We will take away the pain don't you fear,

Why must I feel so down,
These walls are coming down,
Around me,
So I will make my own

The higher you climb the further you fall,
Evil will knock at your door,
Purity will make you free,
From self-deluded blaspheme,

I have been dreaming my whole life,
Now kindly you stopped to put me in line,
You must mind your own matters,
Peak through the blinds into my eyes,

Observe the soul,
It's not fixed but moving,
Forever dreaming,
About the present day.

We need you back here on Earth,
You were in your head while your soul bled,
There is still room for you here,
We will take away the pain don't you fear,

We need you back here on Earth,
You were in your head while your soul bled,
But there is still room for you here,
We will take away the pain don't you fear,

Find your way through your dreams,
But what is wrong with living it,
Don't wake from your dream,
Time is a dark concept,

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I was sitting trigger ready to throw you into space,
Introverted cowboy listens to no one
But himself when he's got one

As you watched so attentively I showed you no way,
Preachers merely creatures of their own way,
Cross-eyed lover head and heart show me something,

Where's your truth is it inside your spells?
Book from heaven is the book from hell,
At least that's what the crazy Christian man said,

Teacher your my creature blind me with your faith,
Power symphony wrings loudly in finite space,
Time traveler lost his mind through night,

Sure you think I'm crazy but I just think your blind,
Listen to the stillness where all answers can be found,
Hey all will burn someday,

It is all gonna burn someday
It is all gonna burn someway.
That's alright
It's ok.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

City Streets


Big city streets are never safe,
Don't trust the people with the suit and case,
Evil will bring you further under the ground.

Watch yourself you may find,
strangers and dangers out caste past time,
we lost our watches while we lived from forest.

All people are held in captivity,
Powerful tyrants fuel hypocrisy,
Go free yourself for freedom itself.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Violent repercussions they demand our full attention,
We're falling off the side of the high horse again,
Just pushing hard forever while I try to boarder,
What I really stand for in this apologetic life,

Fear from nothing but your mind and fear together,
Creative fireballs extract the con from the conman,
As we sail through this uncertain realm of uncertainty,
We forget that society has tried to make words and a reality,
for us,

Words are strong on paper your ideas are lucid with flavor,
It is hard to exist without an African drum so when will you buy one,
Moderately thinking your dieing to kill a king

We will all run away from the mess that has been made,
Should we stay to fight their short sight or is it over ,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Self-Centred Rational Human

I can hear the voices,
their in my head and in your bed,
sleeping through visioned nights,
no lucid dream in unsettled light,

I'm a boy in cartoon figure,
free to travel unbound by time,
any rate slower or faster,
will kill me before my destiny,

So I climb I climb,
my thin tree of life,
one purpose so absolute,
I fall without a parachute,

Delayed shadows dilute perception,
my heart and mind has battled and broken,
past events come to the surface,
my soul seeks expression and purpose,

I can't ignore I must embrace,
my-self this path and your face,
A present moment of clarity,
this life is a calamity

*This text are the lyrics for one of my new songs.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wealthly Body Empty Heart

I want to be a millionaires son,
but I can not find the blue light,
I see an opening from from within,
the broken light becomes dim,
you drift you drift away,
how much can your heart take
how much can your heart take

Won't you tell me one more time,
Won't you tell me that I crossed the line,
You know I told you that I fell from grace,
Your ashamed to see the smile on my face

It seems that overtime we have lost our mind,
pull and push away watch the scares break,
unnatural ways unnatural days,
seem to haunt this place,
the real and ideal sphere

Is it not one that you can find here,
stop searching for the future it not near,
time only weakens the concepts in mind,
we are blind to order find disorder,
find peace of mind,
find peace of mind
find a piece of your mind
find pieces of minds

Step back to see the promotion of lies,
no untruthful man will escape loves alibi,
Power to few heads try the heads of many,
No technique can save us from ourselves,